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Custom Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are durable and long-lasting, making them a popular choice for uniforms and other clothing items that are subject to wear and tear. We offer high-quality custom embroidered patches that are made to order. Our team of skilled designers can work with you to create a custom design that meets your needs. We use the latest embroidery techniques and high-quality materials to ensure that your patches are durable, long-lasting, and visually stunning.

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Polyester fabric is known for its durability and resistance to wrinkles and shrinking. It offers a smooth and lightweight surface for embroidery. Polyester patches are commonly used for outdoor gear, uniforms, and sports-related applications.

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Nylon is a synthetic fabric that is often chosen for its durability and water-resistant properties. It is commonly used for patches that will be exposed to harsh weather conditions or outdoor activities.

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Felt is another commonly used material for patches. It is made from compressed fibers, providing a soft and textured surface. Felt patches have a more traditional and vintage aesthetic.

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Border Options

Hot Cut Border
Hot Cut Border

A hot cut border involves using a heat source to precisely melt the threads around the edge of the patch, sealing them and preventing fraying. This border style offers a clean and smooth edge without any additional stitching, giving the patch a modern and sleek look.

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Merrowed Border
Merrowed Border

The merrowed border is a classic and widely used option for embroidered patches. It involves wrapping the edge of the patch with a thick, rounded thread that creates a raised and finished look. This border style provides durability and a traditional, polished appearance.

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Satin Stitch Border
Satin Stitch Border

The satin stitch border is created by using a dense, continuous stitch pattern that follows the shape of the patch. It provides a smooth and polished appearance, with a satin-like sheen. This border style is commonly used for intricate designs and offers a refined and professional finish.

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Backing Options

Ironing Patch
Iron On Backing

Iron on patches have a layer of plastic backing with a thin layer of heat activated glue rubbed on it. Do not remove the plastic backing from the patches even if you are sewing them on. They help keep the embroidery together. Ironed on patches usually stays on for about 25 washes. Which is more than enough.

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Velcro Backing Patch
Velcro Backing

Velcro backings are a smart choice all the way around. Not only do they make the patches easy to move from one uniform to the next, they also protect garments from damage. If you want to stray away from the task of sewing or ironing on patches, you'll definitely want to order Velcro backings on your embroidered patches.

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Sew On Backing
Sew-On Backing

Sew-on backing requires stitching the patch onto the desired item. This backing is suitable for those who prefer a more traditional and permanent attachment method. Sew-on backing ensures a strong and long-lasting bond between the patch and the fabric.

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Adhesive Backing
Adhesive Backing

Adhesive backing features a peel-off protective layer that reveals a sticky surface. It allows for quick and temporary attachment of the patch to fabrics. However, it is important to note that adhesive backing may not be as durable as sew-on or iron-on options.

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No Backing
No Backing

Some patches may not have any backing at all. In such cases, the patch is typically sewn directly onto the fabric without any additional adhesive or attachment method.

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Plastic Backing
Plastic Backing

Plastic backing is the type of backing that all regular patches have, whether they're embroidered, woven, chenille or dye sublimated or combined with embroidered patches. This backing gives the patch rigidity and helps it keep its shape over the years.

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Steps For Creating Your Custom Embroidered Patches

Design Your Patch

Start by creating a sketch or graphic design for your custom embroidered patch. Visualize how the embroidered stitches will bring your design to life, considering the colors, shapes, dimensions, and intricate details that will make your patch unique.

Discuss Options and Specifications

Have a direct line of communication with our embroidery team to go through your custom embroidered patch requirements. Send over pertinent information like the required size, shape, thread colors, and any other features or unique approaches you have in mind. In order to make sure your patch fulfills your expectations, our experts will walk you through the different alternatives and provide expert advice.

Bring Your Design to Life

Once you've finalized the specifications, we will digitize your design. Our skilled digitizers will convert your design into a format that the embroidery machines can interpret. Be sure to review and approve the digitized sample before proceeding with production.

Production and Quality Assurance

Sit back and relax as our team of experts works their magic. Using our state-of-the-art embroidery machines, we will delicately stitch your design onto the chosen cloth, carefully bringing your vision to reality. Throughout the production process, our quality assurance team will closely monitor the stitching quality and overall craftsmanship to ensure a high-quality finished product.

Receive Your Patches

Once production is complete, your custom embroidered patches will be carefully wrapped and delivered to your door. Then Unwrap them with excitement and appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into creating your personalized patches.

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Man Face Design
Man Face Patch

Set Up Estimate

How to calculate size of the patch
Determining Size

You can calculate the size of your patch by adding the Length + Width and then dividing it by 2. E.g: 4 x 5 “ patch 4" + 5" = 9" divided by 2 = 4-1/2" size for pricing.

Backing Options
Backing Charges

Plastic Backing: Free
Iron-on Backing: 8¢
Adhesive Backing: 20¢
Velcro (hook side) Backing: 35¢
Velcro (both sides) Backing: 65¢

Additional Colors and Metallic Threads
Colors and Thread Charges

Additional Colors: 15¢ per color
Metallic Thread: Starts at 30%

Frequently Asked Questions

It's simple to order personalized embroidered patches! Contact us by using our website or by getting in touch with our customer care staff. Give us the specifics of your patch design, including its size, shape, colors, and any demands. Our staff will help you with the ordering procedure and offer an estimate based on your requirements.

When it comes to the minimum order number for personalized embroidered patches, we are flexible. Although buying in bulk often results in more affordable prices, we are aware that you could have certain requirements. Even for smaller purchases, get in touch with our staff to discuss your needs, and we'll work with you to find the ideal solution.

The production time for custom embroidered patches depends on various factors, including the complexity of the design, the quantity ordered, and current order volume. Once we have all the necessary details, we can provide you with an estimated production timeline. Rest assured, we strive to deliver high-quality patches in a timely manner.

Yes! We understand the importance of seeing a physical sample before committing to a full order. Once your design is digitized, we can provide you with a sample patch for your approval. This allows you to ensure that the design, colors, and overall quality meet your expectations before moving forward with production.

Custom embroidered patches are adaptable and can be used on a variety of products. They are frequently applied to clothing including jackets, hats, shirts, and bags. They can be used on apparel, promotional products, uniforms, and many other things. Please let us know if you have a particular item in mind, and we'll advise you on the appropriate application technique for the best results.

We email you an invoice for each order. You can click on the link in the email that takes you to a secure PayPal™ site where you can make payment through any credit card of your choice (no registration with PayPal™ required). You don`t have to share any credit card information with us.

Frequently Asked Questions & Custom Quote

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