Frequently Asked Questions

Digitize4life has the capability to digitize virtually anything: left and front chest, caps, visors, beanies, jacket backs, gloves, patches, sleeves, towel, golf and other bags, as well as fabrics such as pique, jersey, fleece, polyester, leather, terry. We can also handle special embroideries such as foam, applique, redwork and sequins.

Most Formats Provided 100, cnd, dsb, dst, dsz, emb, exp, jef, ksm, pes, pof, tap, xxx & others Unless otherwise instructed by you, we send you digitized formats in DST only. Please let us know if you require any other formats for downloading and/or uploading. Most Formats Accepted ai, cdr, eps, gif, jpg, pdf, png, psd, tif & others We can digitize from almost anything: scanned garment, hand drawing, photographs- our graphic designers will clean up the artwork and if in doubt, we will send you back the artwork for your approval.

On receiving your design, we check the artwork and design requirements if something appears to be missing we call or email you. After that, your design is assigned to a digitizer, which in the case of our regular customers is pre-assigned enabling a better understanding of their customer's preferred digitizing styles. Once the design is completed, the head digitizer conducts an on-screen check focused on technicalities: stich density, sequencing, trims, color changes. The sew-out is rechecked by the head digitizer and corrections are made and re-sewn until it’s perfect. Once the head digitizer finalizes the design, the service team does an overall recheck to make sure that no aspect of the order has been missed out on, for example, special instructions.

Most of our customers only need to submit one or two art files, but you have the ability to submit as many as eight files.

There is no charge to open an account. All you pay for is the actual digitizing. We offer free estimates.

We email you an invoice for each order. You can click on the link in the email that takes you to a secure PayPal™ site where you can make payment through any credit card of your choice (no registration with PayPal™ required). You don`t have to share any credit card information with us.

Second options are provided if: (a) We feel that your logo may not sew out too well - we sometimes draw out some options for you to pick before digitizing: (b) We feel that you’d prefer to pick from two different looks (both which look good to us); (c) We are confused/unclear about your requirements. Please remember: there is never a charge for provision of 2nd options!.

We take great pride in running a focused digitizing and vector art services business. That said, we have are highly experienced team that has a tremendous amount of experience in all aspects of the embroidery and printing value chain. As a result, we are glad to informally provide our clients, when needed, feedback on areas that they may need some counsel and/or help (for example, thread selection, etc.)

We typically price the logo based on the largest size. Smaller ones carry an extra charge of $10. Often for minor size differences, we will not charge you. Also, we give special discounts for names. If you have a certain target price for any logo, let us know and we’ll attempt to match it.

For your assistance please call in 817-857-1034 for making your secure payments. You can also email us to for the queries you might have for your payments. Our designated accounts personnel is available to assist you in this.

Frequently Asked Questions & Custom Quote

Have a question or any conern regarding new or previous orders just call us at 800-620-6979 or email us at for prompt reply.